When the hay is mown and stacked…and the corn about to ripen…
the woods and pastures ring out their cry that camaraderie is on the way.
A joint effort of horses and hounds will encourage the morning dew
to hold the scent of challenge – where the showcase of
autumn’s colors is the least of the beauties to draw them out.

Here, is where the most poetic of masters leaves a mark that
lingers still…a spirit that loves the sport, lives the seasons,
and protects the land…a spirit that gives us all the chance to rise to its
occasion, hear its music and join the band.

As that poetic master once said, “Why do we foxhunt?
To be among the genuine…the few, the happy few, a band of the brave who make sacrifices and chance pain to ride up to the motto,
‘I have lived and run with the best.’”

Henry Hooker, MFH

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The Masters of the Hillsboro Hounds

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